Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday- 1967

I've been reluctant to jump on the "Thowback Thursday"* bandwagon for some unknown and probably ridiculous reason... but today it seemed appropriate. Lately I've been obsessing over trying to recreate my youth through fashion.  I was doing a Google Image search the other day, searching for fashion patterns and images from the '60s. As I was looking at all of the fun, funky and psychedelic colors and styles, I kept thinking, "my clothes were just as cute as those!"  But I didn't really have many photos to speak of of those years, so not much of a record of my cutest fashions. I have a few yearbooks and a handful of random photos, but most of my favorite clothes of the sixties are gone and soon-to-be-forgotten. Unless I draw them!  So, here you are, my first of a series of my mod and groovy ensembles of the era.

The cute houndstooth outfit above was part of my back-to-school wardrobe for my junior year in high school. I LOVED the large mod houndstooth pattern. it actually wasn't QUITE as large as in my drawing, but darned close! It had a high, black mandarin collar, and a zipper down the front with a large black zipper ring. It was a heavy woven fabric, but not exactly wool. It had a nubby texture, and I thought I was the epitome of high fashion. Paired with black tights, and cute, low-heeled mary janes with a big silver buckle, (plus my ever present barrettes) I looked like a Seventeen model, right? Right?

I started wearing glasses in the fifth grade, but it wasn't until junior high and high school that glasses became a fashion statement for me. I LOVED the glasses of the late '60s era- I almost always wore tortoise shell glasses, round or oval or square. I still love them!

*Throwback Thursday
When you put a picture from a "while" ago on your social media sites
(From Urban Dictionary)

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Leon Archibald said...

That was about the time I was wearing tennis shoes with my thrift-store 50s sport coat. I thought I was very cool but did not know that I was a trend setter--this was before the NYC subway strike that started the tennis shoe/suit fad!

love your drawing. great look!

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