Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekend Craftiness

Last winter I completed a big (for me) "craft" project by painting a large lattice panel, attaching screw-in eyelets to the edges, stringing hemp twine across the panel, then adding cute little red binder clips to hang my vintage Valentines. (And other things!) It was hugely successful, and only fell over once, knocking over and breaking our scanner. But that's another story.  So, I thought it might be time for another project!

Ever since the weather turned cold, I've been on the lookout for a coat rack that we could put right at the top of our stairs in our entryway. I've pored over Craigslist, looking for a used coat rack with some character. But they were either too expensive (hall trees), or tacky, or just not 'right' for my taste.

Back in the early fall, driving somewhere or another, I came upon a pile of ladder sections lying along the curb, free for the taking. It was dark, the ladders were filthy and cobwebby, and Bruce was not pleased, but I grabbed a section, and put it in the back of our RAV4. It's been in the garage ever since. Can you see where this is going? Yes! Last weekend, in a fit of creative energy and ideas, it suddenly occurred to me that I already had a perfect coat rack in the garage- that ladder!
So, I cleaned it up a bit, brought it inside, and proceeded to drape all of our winter scarves over the rungs, and placed my shoes on the lower rung. Perfection!
Before adding the hooks
All it needed were some kind of hooks to hang our coats and hats from.  I initially thought of S hooks, placed on the upper rung, but then I thought maybe I should check out Pinterest to see anyone else had come up with such a brilliant way to hang coats!  Of course they had, and a couple of them had ordinary coat hooks screwed into the support beams.  So, the other night I drove to the hardware store after work, and found an assortment of awesome coat hooks at a very reasonable price.

This morning I got up early, before Bruce was up, and sanded and spruced up the ladder a bit, then screwed in two of the large double coat hooks, and one of the smaller hooks.  I put everything back on, and I think it looks awesome!  I think I'll not bother about the S hooks on the upper rung... I can see now, that if a coat is hanging from the center, it would block the view of the scarves, and it might make it impractical to find a scarf to use if it's always underneath. So, for now, this is how it will stay.

What do you think? A cute coat rack for about $8- the price of the hooks!

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Lisa Echerd said...

That is so clever! It looks great. Wonderful repurposing. You are saving the environment and being crafty, too!

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