Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Spring Day in Chester- A Tutorial

I don't do tutorials very often, but I thought perhaps you might enjoy an abbreviated one today, that might inspire you to create something similar to my design above. I am not going to run through every step, I'll condense my instructions, and if you need more specific help, feel free to send me an email and I'll give you further steps.  I am using Photoshop CS5, but the steps are similar with other programs. *Note: this is not for beginners- the instructions assume knowledge of photo editing software.

Since I always use only my own photos or artwork for my layouts, I started with a photo of some wood I have in my files.

I wanted the shelves to have a purplish cast, like stained wood, so I created a new layer over the background, dropped in a purple color,  and used the 'multiply' blending mode.

I duplicated the background layer several times, and cut sections out to form the sides and shelves.  I was careful to be accurate with my perspective, to make the shelves look real.

The frame and shelf layers were merged, and were placed as the top layer in my layers palette.

 I painted shadows on the inside side panels, where the shelves would cast them. This was done on a new layer directly over the side panel layer. I used a large soft brush, black paint, and the multiply blending mode. I pulled the opacity down slightly.
I repeated the same process on the back panel. I have a total of 6 layers now, not including the purple overlays. 

I brought each of the photos into the layout, and using the transform tool, skewed them a little so it would look like the photos were leaning against the back wall.  When I brought the photo of the ceramic kitten in, I decided I wanted to extract it and make it look like it was really sitting on the shelf, not just a photo. I use the polygonal lasso tool to do my extraction.

Now it's time to add the title. I created the words of the title on three separate layers, added a bevel & emboss, then merged them together. (I kept the original type layers saved as a backup)

Now it's time to add the cast shadows on the back wall, and the drop shadows on the shelves.  I painted these with a soft brush, in the same way I did the other shadows. The shadows were painted on separate layers to make it easier to blend. I also use clipping masks as needed. 

For the finishing touches, I added additional cast shadows on the tops of the photos (new layer above each photo, clipping mask, dark soft brush painted on the top of each,) and a few cast shadows on some of the photos that are on the lower layers, to make it look more dimensional.

Last step is to add the little line of journaling on the middle shelf.  I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

this is absolutely awesome Stef...definitely will have to give it a go...Debikins

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I tried it but didn't like my wood paper. I need to find another one. Mytherapy

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