Sunday, June 29, 2014

An Old Friend is Gone

Imagine my shock and disappointment when I discovered on Wednesday that my dearest online website, Two Peas in a Bucket, was closing for good. For the uninitiated, Two Peas in a Bucket, or 2Ps, was a website originally created for scrapbookers to share their layouts, purchase supplies, learn techniques and skills, and join in message board discussions about everything from scrapbooking (digital and traditional) to photography, and other related hobbies. Then there was the NSBR, or 'not scrapbook related' message boards where there were discussions on everything from what's for dinner to politics, religion, favorite TV shows, and various scandals and controversies. There was never a dull moment on those NSBR boards. Many hands were virtually slapped, feelings were often hurt, virtual hugs and prayers were offered, and deep friendships were made. It was complete chaos, but loved by those who frequented 2Ps, lurkers and participants alike.

A page from my gallery, 2011

In the early years of my posting on 2Ps, I might get a dozen comments on a layout. It was certainly good for the ego!

I was very active on 2Ps. I joined in the Spring of 2007, about a year after I started digital scrapbooking. There was a lively Digital Scrapbooking forum there, as well as a supportive creative team,  awesome digital gallery, and lots of challenges, discussions, tutorials, and sharing.  Later as time when on, I found myself also sharing photos and questions on the Photography boards, and joining in the general mayhem on the NSBR boards. I had people tell me that something I said was 'the stupidest thing they had ever heard' ( I can't remember now what it was, but trust me, it was NOT that stupid).  I know the feeling of having my opinions (often on controversial subjects) validated, quoted, ignored or mocked.  I know the feeling of dreading certain discussion subjects, such as ones about my religion that were often fodder for ridicule, misinformation or ignorance; or others mocking my particular political beliefs or opinions on social issues.  I applauded the brave Peas (members of the 2Ps community) who were bold enough to go against the majority opinions even at risk of personal attack, even if the attacks were just words on a message board. Virtual words can cut deeply. But in addition to strong opinions and sometimes cutting remarks, there was an abundance of humor (often very dark), support, and caring. Death, divorce or other personal tragedies reported often led to hundreds of kind remarks, no matter what the political or social leanings of the grieved.

I enjoyed the creative inspiration and opportunity to share my own ideas and creative projects. I cherish the comments left on my layouts, I'm hoping to go back and do some screen shots of these pages before the site is completely down, which is in about a week.  I posted every single layout I ever did on 2Ps, over 900 of them. I made almost 13,000 message board comments. I also posted photos, greeting cards, tutorials, tips and left countless comments on others' layouts and projects. 2Ps was a daily, often more, stop in my daily routine. As the site started changing in the last year or so,  I knew in my heart, that 2Ps days were numbered. Although I wasn't part of their commercial business, (I never purchased a single thing from them, other than using credits to buy fonts), it was obvious sales were down and rumors were swirling. But we were all shocked when we saw the news on the 2Ps home page. Immediately a Facebook group was started for 2Ps NSBR refugees, 1,000 women joined within a few hours.

So, this chapter in my life has turned a page. I don't know if we'll ever find what we had somewhere else, or if I should just move on and accept that time moves on and other adventures lie ahead. Whatever happens, I gave a lot of creativity and time to Two Peas in a Bucket, and it was worth every minute.


Sarah said...

I had wondered where the refugees had gone, but I wouldn't remember many people by now. I was only actively there for a year at most, but there was certainly some creative inspiration. I'm surprised the site wasn't sold again, didn't it go through quite a few sales?

Anonymous said...

Two Peas was my first scrapbooking site and I also will miss it. I was a lurker �� most of the time. Thanks for all your help and inspiration you posted there. I followed some of your tutorials and had fun with them. I also read your posts on DST and enjoy that forum, too. I hope you keep it going. Two Pea's Mytherapea

Anonymous said...

I just read on The Lily Pad forum that there is another site, Real Life Scrapped, that has an open gallery. Did not get a chance to check it out yet but just FYI

Mytherapea. Laraine

Esther Andrews said...

Yes, it is so sad to see the end of 2Peas. It has meant so much to so many. A lot of people are posting their pages on facebook and instagram instead but I don't quite understand how you can build a sense of community that way like we had at 2Peas. I'll miss it. I hope to see you around - wherever that may be!

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