Saturday, July 5, 2014

Concept Scrapbooking

My latest 'concept' layout... you can read more about it below.
Concept Scrapbooking: I made up this particular term for a particular type of scrapbooking. (In my case it's digital scrapbooking). Since I made it up, I can tell you what it means! Concept scrapping involves creating a layout that's visually symbolic, or tells a story through imagery created specifically to tell that story. Clear as mud? A normal layout shares photos, journaling, and possibly mementos of an event, trip, occasion, milestone, etc. A concept layout, might involve using images in such a way as to tell the story without images of that event. It might not even be a layout about an event, but a general layout about memories, feelings, thoughts, etc. A concept layout can also be one with a twist- one where there ARE photos of a particular event or memory, yet some visual device is used to showcase those photos in a completely different way. I've seen lots of layouts that people have created without photos, where they share their memories or feelings through journaling. Since that isn't my strength, I'm more visual, I have to have some kind of image to go along with those stories or thoughts. 

Here's the dictionary definition:

I'll share a few with you here:

A family story where I had no images, and wanted to create a dramatic visual image of the events.

Another story, that I wanted to tell, but no photos. So I created my own imagery
A rather conceptual layout about my love of color.
A layout where I did have photos, but wanted to showcase them in a completely unique way.
This one is similar to the top layout, general memories of long-ago events. But in this one, I used an old photo of me walking down the stairs to create the visual.

So, my latest 'concept layout' above, is about my teen love of the telephone. It
was the 1960s, and like most teens, I spent endless hours on the phone with my best friends, gossiping, sharing, whining and moaning, and just whiling away the hours with mindless blather. I remember so well our rotary phone hanging on the kitchen wall. I would lie on the hall carpet, with that phone cord stretched tight, feet up on the wall, talking away. So, I created my own 'visual memory' of that, pink walls, Keds on my feet, my old phone number on that avocado green phone... and snatches of imaginary conversation with my best friend. Seems like a concept to me!  Maybe you've done something like this? If so, I'd love to see or hear about your ideas.

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Margie H said...

You have some fun pages/concepts! I think of them as art :) Great idea for a new category - makes you think! BTW I used to live near Bergen County - in W. New York over in Jacobs Ferry back in the early 2000s.

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